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Sanghavi Law Office, LLC is dedicated to education issues facing schools, students, and families. Informed by their legal experience working at the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Elizabeth, Kate, Jenni, and Trina offer practical and knowledgeable advice to students, families, and schools.
Sanghavi Law Office can assist you by reviewing and updating current policies, conducting a Title IX audit, providing training to staff, conducting internal investigations, and responding to complaints.

Some of the types of questions that you might have are:

  • What steps does your school need to take to evaluate its compliance with Title IX?
  • Several students have accused members of the same fraternity of sexual harassment. What is the correct way to respond to such allegations if the students want to remain anonymous? 
  • What kind of sexual harassment training should you provide to faculty members?
  • You have just received notice from OCR regarding a Title IX complaint that a former student filed.  What do you need to do?
  • A student has filed an internal complaint against another student.  What interim measures do you need to put in place?
  • You have new members of the appeal panel for internal Title IX complaints.  What training do they need?
  • What steps does your school need to take to evaluate its compliance with disability laws?
  • A student has complained to your school that a costume party theme was racially offensive.  How should you respond?
  • A college student filled out an accommodation request form for extended time on tests but now refuses to meet with the appropriate staff person to discuss required documentation. What are the school's responsibilities?
  • Students in a school journalism club plan to prepare a morning show with daily announcements and short skits. One student at your school is deaf. Does the school have any responsibility to ensure that the student has access to the morning show? If so, how can it provide access?
  • A student who uses a wheelchair is graduating from your school. The graduation is located in an old building with no wheelchair access to the stage where students will receive their diplomas. What can you do to make the graduation ceremony accessible?
  • A student with a history of depression is threatening to kill himself and is sending disturbing emails to his roommates. You would like to request that he take a leave of absence. Can you? If so, how can you do so without violating the ADA?


Students and Families

Sanghavi Law Office can work with you to explain the responsibilities of the school and to assist you in obtaining the services that your child needs. Sanghavi Law Office can assist you by reviewing IEPs/Section 504 plans and representing you at team meetings.

Some of the types of questions that you might have are:

  • Your child has been diagnosed with autism and has struggled in preschool. You are worried about how he will succeed in elementary school. Who should you meet with at the school? What questions should you ask? What types of special education services might your child be offered?
  • Your daughter has a severe peanut allergy and her school has told you that she does not qualify for a Section 504 plan. What are your options to protect her at school?
  • Your son has had an IEP throughout high school due to learning disabilities, has done well, and now is off to college. You want to make sure that he understands how to obtain services in college. What does he need to know about the transition from high school to college?
  • Your daughter has been suspended because her school viewed her as a threat to others. What does that mean? How can you help her get back into school?


Elizabeth Sanghavi, Kate Upatham, Jenni López, and Trina Ingelfinger can help you answer these questions. For a more complete list of services, please see the Services link.


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